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 Crovax Veraxes - Awaken

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PostSubject: Crovax Veraxes - Awaken   Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:48 am

"Bloody hell...I hate going into torpor!" Crovax fumed shortly after awakening. His Regent from London had sent new orders, his operations were to be delayed an inordinate amount of time, and Crovax was to stay off the radar until such time as that they could begin in earnest. 

While Maximillian was a wise and well respected Regent, he could also be overly cautious. Does he think me a fool, to rush headlong into a situation without first gathering proper quantities of information? But..I respect his decisions, so torpor it was. At least he sent over some of his ghouls to watch over me, their sacrifice to restore me was most kind. "At least they left notes. 'Saturday, Elysium gathering. Be prepared.' Oh, don't you worry, Max. I'm always prepared"
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Crovax Veraxes - Awaken
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