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 On Ebon Wings I Fly: The Journals of Crovax Veraxes

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On Ebon Wings I Fly: The Journals of Crovax Veraxes Empty
PostSubject: On Ebon Wings I Fly: The Journals of Crovax Veraxes   On Ebon Wings I Fly: The Journals of Crovax Veraxes EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 1:30 am

Crovax's Journal: October 3rd, 2013. I awoke this evening to the smell of petrol and oil. The Regent was kind enough to have my coffin delivered to a private hangar owned by the Camarilla prior to my flight to America. I should feed before my departure, perhaps I'll just take one of those skimpy-outfit attendants..their terror tastes so sweet. America....a screaming backwards child in an ocean of greed and disaster. It amazes me that the pathetic humans believe themselves to be free. We surround them in the darkness, moving from place to place while they chase their foolish delusions. 

Once I arrive, I am to seek out the Regent and Primogen of DC, newly conquered from the Sabbat. Broken rabble who think only of their selfish desires and whims to feed breed and fuck. We will eradicate them, and have our ghouls piss upon their ashes. My true Regent has forbidden me from exercising my true powers until I have fully endeared myself to my Regent and fellow kin across the pond. If it were not for all we have been through together, and the considerable amount of respect I have for him, I would have refused outright. But instead I shall do as he asks. 

Blood Magic..a useful but far too subtle demonstration of our superiority. The other clans need reminders of why they are wise to mistrust us. Tremere are nothing like other Vampires, and we are Proud of this. It infuriates me that we constantly must run to the aid of the Camarilla while staving off the ever present threat of the Old Clans, who despise us for ascending humanity and successfully creating our own Kindred. A handful of skilled Thaumaturgists would send them to their own Gehenna. One more major incident and there will be a war. And it will be glorious.

DC. Why the humans named their capital after an idiot like Columbus is beyond me. I do hope that the Sabbat will at least keep things interesting for us while I'm here. If not, I can always set a Pack Den on fire...
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On Ebon Wings I Fly: The Journals of Crovax Veraxes
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