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Somewhere over the Atlantic....

"The time is now 8:30 PM, and we are on final approach for landing, Mr. Veraxes". Crovax glanced outside the window of the Gulfstream, and saw the lights of the city glaring back at him. The Regent of London had commanded him to travel to Maryland to assist the Camarilla forces in the area, and of course Crovax had obeyed his orders. Baltimore was secure for the time being, but DC had just been taken back from the vile Sabbat, who were sure to cause no end of trouble for the Camarilla. Putting the Clan first was a fantastic idea, but the Clan cannot properly function independently, so helping the Camarilla with their issues was a necessity. 

Thinking about the new experiences that waited for him in America brought back memories of his life as a mortal. Crovax had been embraced during the late 13th Century in London. Back then he had been a simple banker, with an affinity for Alchemy. He was called Thomas Finn in those days, and he lived in a humble cottage in the outskirts of London. He went about his every day life, filled with the mundane and the regular. But he always thought there was more to the world than what he could see with his own two eyes. 

And then, one fateful evening, a man had knocked on his door. "I hear you are an Alchemist" Thomas looked at the man, his kingly attire and well groomed hair. "I am a banker, sir, but I dabble in Alchemy on whimsy". The stranger grunted, an unnaturnal gleam in his eyes. "Well then, might I convince you dabble a mixture for me?" I thought about his request for a few moments, and responded, "If I am compensated for my efforts, I will accommodate you" The man smiled, a most peculiar grin. "Here is a listing of what I require. I have writ you instructions of where you may find the ingredients. If you succeed, you shall be...compensated, most adequately. Of this you may be assured. I shall return at dusk, seven nights from now." And so Thomas sought out the various things on the Stranger's piece of parchment. And he set to work. The Stranger returned as promised and inquired of Thomas if he succeeded. "It was not easy, and this is nothing like any work I have done in the past, sir, but here is what you asked for." The Stranger looked at it, staring intently while he held it in his hand. "Yes, you did quite well. This should be adequate compensation, agreed?" The Stranger held out an immaculate golden chain. "Yes, sir, quite. Should you require my services again, please, visit me when it pleases you". With that, The Stranger smiled his wicked smile again. "Whenever it pleases me? I may take you up on that offer. Farewell, Thomas".

And return he did, in the dead of night while I slept, one month past our first meeting. "This is your true reward Thomas, the Elders have spoken. You will be mine Childer, and a member of Clan Tremere". It was my 33rd Name Day.
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Crovax Veraxes
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