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 Game for Dec 14th

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Game for Dec 14th Empty
PostSubject: Game for Dec 14th   Game for Dec 14th EmptyTue Dec 03, 2013 11:23 am

Game for Dec 14th will be at Chris' House: 1425 Cambium Ct, Hanover.

Things of Note:

-First - Really enjoyable role-playing from the players that could come. You played and thought at least a little outside the box, and most had the role-play ability to just do what character would do and tell me so. (+1xp for everyone who attended on top of normal totals)

-Second – In contrary, I’ve noticed and it’s been brought up to me after multiple games that there is a mild level of OOC-ness (Out of Character) that has been happening. Being OOC does happen, but shouldn’t happen in the playing area unless necessary by a narrator.
---Good EX: Coming up and explaining how your character appears, taking a phone call and move away from the area not to disturb players, telling a narrator you are performing an action or challenge, etc
---Bad EX: Explaining character ideals, reasons for actions, shows you watched last night, etc.
Mainly just do want your character would do.

-Next – Cold Weather – It’s almost winter time and it’s going to cold. Please prepare for game properly. We’ll probably play at Chris’ place more during the chilly times due to his larger inside area, and once Ian gets his Fire pit up and running, we’ll give that a shot as well, but it’s definitely not as fun when you can’t move around as much, or have good, unseen corners to lurk from. The outside should be used more to expand the playing area. Also, I can start game earlier while the sun is out and still warm(around 4-5pm), but I’m not doing that for just two or so role-players, not much fun.
-On the last topic, remember finding new locations earns xp each time we game there. Also, bringing new people to larp earn xp over the next 5 games after the first one towards the player the “sponsored” that player.

-Next – I’m going to start running clan events for players of many clans, some events will be easier and less robust to run. On some of the larger ones, I would like feedback on time to run them. Options are:
--1)During Game with only those players – Easier to manage, definitely more focus, but that group is cutting out of the players that are not involved, not leaving much for those players
--2)Separate Game event for those players on odd date – positive like the first option plus not effecting the Saturday game content, But hard to organize between myself and multiple players for good date and time. Lots of advance notice needed.
--3) During Game involving all players present – All players active, non-clan players would play created NPCs to interact with the PCs, and of gain xp by playing NPC. But it’ll eat up a game for non-clan players to play their PCs and be a process to create.
These are my thoughts on it, I’d like as much feedback and your ideas as possible.

-Last – At the start of the new year, I’ll be looking for 2 players to be on a narrating staff for the game with me. I welcome any players to apply for it and I’m not leaning towards any type. Ideas, relations with players, ability to work independent to process the game and PC goals, etc. are just a couple things I’m looking for. New blood is encouraged.

Thanks for reading the rants. See ya in two weeks. Smile
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Game for Dec 14th
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