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 Ira 10/19/2013

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PostSubject: Ira 10/19/2013   Ira 10/19/2013 EmptyMon Oct 21, 2013 3:27 pm

Well, I can't say I'm surprised. I know several members of the "League" advised against pursuing property so close to Annapolis, but when you have your head so far up your own ass, it must be hard to hear. Ah well. Now that the arrogant side of my bloodline is gone, I suppose it's ok to reveal that I too am Ventrue. That not all of us are so arrogant and willing to push others into harms way in order to claim power for themselves. Referring to the Brujah as dogs, and assuming that I am of the same blood. One should know who they are talking to before they condescend to them. He is fortunate that we share affiliations, otherwise his death would have come much earlier and with far more brutality. But, when you run your mouth as boldy as he did, with as much brash generalization as he did, you are bound to piss someone off. And when you can't back up your mouth with a little muscle, you tend to end up dismembered. I, for one, applaud the gang for defending their territory. We see how we treat newcomers into our fold, but when one of ours goes into another groups territory we don't expect the same treatment? If I saw someone come into our group and start firing a gun after our "aggressive" questioning tactics, I would expect that we'd dismember them. True, he was one of ours and there should be reprisal, but I don't think we should be out for blood. I think this is a perfect opportunity to parley with our Annapolean neighbors. Hopefully when we attempt to make contact, none of our "less than stable" members decide to do anything stupid. We shall see.
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Ira 10/19/2013
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