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 Game for Oct 19th 2013 and ability/influence ruling

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PostSubject: Game for Oct 19th 2013 and ability/influence ruling   Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:04 am

Game will be at Chris' house: 1425 Cambium Court Hanover MD

Game last week was good, though I am sorry for my slight lateness causing a slow start for some players. It was definitely good to have many more new players though and it was good to have things pick up after everything got roling ... as usual.

One notible rule change is going to be with abilities adding influences.
- For simplicity sake, no longer will abilities directly aid in the WEEKLY or OVER THE WEEK usage of influences. Generally, abilities are something the character utilizes directly, while influences are relied upon mainly through 2nd and 3rd parties. Points can be made by both sides on this, but I cutting away unnecessary fat off stuff.

Any questions or concerns?

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Game for Oct 19th 2013 and ability/influence ruling
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