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 Noblesse Oblige 10/05/2013

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Noblesse Oblige 10/05/2013   Empty
PostSubject: Noblesse Oblige 10/05/2013    Noblesse Oblige 10/05/2013   EmptyWed Oct 09, 2013 6:38 pm

Join Clan Ventru

Aspirat primo Fortuna labori
Me duce tutus eris
Vox populi vox Ventrue
Ad majorem Ventrue gloriam...
Ad infinitum

Thus we kindred gathered together yet another night and this time a remarkable change was discernable, for the Clans, more or less, have united tentatively against a common foe. Several new vampires made their presence known to us, and joined the gathering, with carefully chosen words, declared fealty to the Camarilla. The methods to determine such truths were left up to the one known as Samiel, whom went to boning the newly arrived in the same fashion as when we first met in Anne Arundel. The evening went on, almost as if rehearsed, for the more physical kindred among us decided it was time for some sport. A foot race was proposed, between Lady Constance the Gangrel and a newcomer Lady Valentine of Brujah. I, fond of wagering, offered $1,000.00 to the winner. Edge of Clan Gangrel, the prime instigator of such things, warmed up the small crowd that watched the spectacle, and also issued a few fun-flavored insults along the way. One named Ira also joined in the race but was ill prepared for such an Endeavour, for the other two were much faster. The winner was Lady Constance, whom was joyous in her demeanor, and glowed with pride. I handed to her the prize money and she skipped off to tout her prowess over the Brujah.  
Soon after many fellow Kindred paired off to have a private chat or two and then something meaningful happened. Those few like minded Kindred did separate themselves to form a new alliance, a ruling body, named The League. Modeled similarly to the Camarilla, only those Clans of the Founders were allowed to join. Seven in number, the example of excellence from each Clan, did congregate and forged a coterie, one that would, for a time, permit Clans to work together without fear of being ostracized or openly hostile actions taken against them. A non-aggression treaty was ratified on the spot along with a few procedural rules in which The League would conduct itself when pressing matters are brought to their attention.

Noblesse Oblige 10/05/2013   5c433f7b-6673-495e-a03b-7ae28ed88dd7_zpsb1b15358

The peace was interrupted not long after when a few strangers came out of the shadows. One offered "spiritual healing" and wished to have any information regarding "Dubious" persons if we had any. I did not get the name of that individual. The odd Nosferatu named Creeps made another appearance and The League decided that the Nosferatu representative should investigate Creep's admitted "Child" fetish to make sure it is not a breach. The evening went on and yet another stranger was in our midst, by the name of George. He was venerable to say the least and also seemed a bit absent minded about why he was now in our presence. He spoke gibberish mostly but then without warning, he attacked the blind man named Saul. George used his cane as an instrument of destruction and havoc for he had fire under his control. Circles of flame leaped out and burned most of us, some more than once. Many joined into the fray, and George expired by the help of the Gangrel, Tremere, and of course, myself, whom delivered along with Ira, the fatal blow. George was found to have been dead already, somehow reanimated and sent to harm us. His "Cane" was also taken for study. That battle left some with severe burns and frightful memories of such things that go bump in the night. Saul got away during the fight, and returned later, in good health.
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Noblesse Oblige 10/05/2013
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