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 Ghoul and Human House Merits and Flaws

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PostSubject: Ghoul and Human House Merits and Flaws   Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:29 pm

These are House Rules made for this game.
Merits, Flaws and other rules that are not in the standard Laws of the Hunt, Liebe de Ghouls, or Laws of the Hunt: Player's Guide.

Ghoul Merit:
Regnant Generation (1-5) points - This merit increases the Ghoul's Regnant's Generation, there by gaining all benefits of having a Regnant of lower generation. One point = 12th, two point = 11th, three = 10th, four = 9th, and five = 8th.
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Ghoul and Human House Merits and Flaws
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