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 Stations and Primogen

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Stations and Primogen Empty
PostSubject: Stations and Primogen   Stations and Primogen EmptyTue Sep 24, 2013 5:49 pm


The Prince: Vincent Kato Tokagawa of Clan Ventrue
Seneschal: Travis Gilmont of Clan Tremere
The Sheriff: District of Clan Nosferatu
Deputy: Jodie Starkweather of Clan Tremere
Deputy: CannonBall of Can Nosferatu
Head Harpy: Jordan Clemings of Clan Toreador
Harpy: Blair Beesley of Clan Brujah
Keeper of Elysium: Fletcher Simons of Clan Gangrel
Scourge: Primm of the Xanthians


Brujah: Shane McGibbons
Brujah Whip: -
Gangrel: ?
Gangrel Whip: Fletcher Simons
Gangrel Whip: Dog
Malkavian: Kia Youngtown
Malkavian Whip: -
Nosferatu: District
Nosferatu Whip: - Douglas the Moose
Toreador Jordan Clemings
Toreador Whip:  -
Tremere: Travis Gilmont
Tremere Whip: - Jodie Starkweather
Ventrue: Vincent Kato Tokagawa
Ventrue Whip: -
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Stations and Primogen
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