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 Game for Oct 5th & Second PC slot

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Game for Oct 5th & Second PC slot Empty
PostSubject: Game for Oct 5th & Second PC slot   Game for Oct 5th & Second PC slot EmptyTue Sep 24, 2013 12:41 pm

Game for Saturday Oct 5th will be held at Ian's House in Laurel. Figured we'd give both places a good start off the bat.

My thoughts from past game:
-Combat system's first run: Seemed to get good reviews initially

-Lots of try to contact NPC primogen: I'd prefer notes, Forum PMs, or clan postings to keep your primogens inform. I apologize if I was blunt and swift with people in regards to PCs making contact this weekend, but I think it would be easier that way, so on my down time during the game i can check it.

-Chris' place: Very good, unfortunitely rain left us mainly roleplaying inside, but that seemed to good very well also. Hoping next time there will be less run and more venturing.

Players IC/OOC down time: There are many reason why a player/character is OOC of extended periods of time, it can't be helped. So coming to that, I shall open up the ability for players to have a secondary character. Info on that to follow.

Secondary Character Slot:
-This may be temporarily. If I decide to end the second slot, I will not kill the character nor place it on hold, just restrict the making of another after one dies.
-Characters are under all current game restrictions and limitations.
-Characters of the same player will have no interactions EVER with each other unless approved by myself.
This includes, but is not restricted to: All IC and OOC conversations, events, gatherings, and chats.
-Not of the same clan, pack, gang, etc: It's just easier this way, so I'll say no. now. Have two characters in the same clan, pack, gang, etc would counter previous rules. Larger groups, ex: sects, are of course fine.

Any questions or concerns, just let me know.
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Game for Oct 5th & Second PC slot
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