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 Democritis De Leone - Reign in Blood 9/21/2013

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PostSubject: Democritis De Leone - Reign in Blood 9/21/2013   Democritis De Leone - Reign in Blood 9/21/2013 EmptySun Sep 22, 2013 8:34 pm


Part one: The Arrival

The night of my arrival to Baltimore was not terribly exiting and the place I were to present myself was less than what I had expected. It was a "Country-Western" bar named appropriately Professional Bull Riders, Inc., which was  full of misguided Kine whom pretended to be cowboyish in appearance and even a mechanical bull was present to help lend support and further insulate this shared delusion. "I am here to speak with Lee Marie Mason." I informed one of the interchangeable Kine cowgirl staff, whom wore the costume with no passion what so ever. "Right this way." she gestured as she lead me past the "Bull" to stairway that lead past a velvet rope, a sign that beyond was a place for the more sophisticated and important clients that would suffer the indulgences of a city populace that should have been thankful that we cull them to prevent a mutative stock from dominating the species...
Democritis De Leone - Reign in Blood 9/21/2013 Skullsline_zpsc08eb6ce
Lee Marie Mason, Ventrue Whip or just "Lee" she informed me after we exchanged pleasantries, which did not last long after she requested we kept things informal for sake of expedience, was elegant and dressed in better quality clothing than the herd of kind beneath our position, although it was still a bit less than the conservative dress he had grown accustomed to under his Sire's tutelage. The meeting was short-lived, and with assurances that I would be granted hospitality by the Ventrue Primogen, Troy Williams, whom did not have the time that night to attend to an audience with myself. She did however, give me advice and warnings, regarding the Prince's Consort, a Malkavian named Baxter Millicent, her Seneschal. "He is up to something, something no good. I would watch what I say around that one, he would surely come after you if not careful. Also the Brujah here are a bit confused, for they can never decide their place amongst us nor follow through with any task or request without changing directions and countering their own efforts in the process. Fools they are. Just go and see the whip at "his" favorite watering-hole, The Pink Hippo..."
Democritis De Leone - Reign in Blood 9/21/2013 Skullsline_zpsc08eb6ce
Not long after, I received a summons to attend court along with others in the same situation,  with the Prince of Baltimore, Madam Ottermyer, the prominent Toreador of Baltimore. She was a strange one, no offense intended, as she seemed antiquated and had odd body movements and mannerisms that I had never encountered before. He voice however, was angelic, her very words were uplifting and kind. Such an elegant and well spoken as she held me sway while she spoke. We were all then Acknowledged, a great honor indeed. Honors aside, I could not escape the feeling that we were all somehow duped, for the gathering at The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was filled to capacity by every Kindred of note. They stood and applauded our small group of fledgling vampires, some did so beyond what one would think was normal or appropriate...

Vampires of Importance in attendance:

Troy Williams, Ventru Primogen:

Lee Marie Mason, Ventrue Whip/Scourge:

Gisela Ottomeyer, Toreador Prince:

Baxter Millicent, Malkavian Seneschal, Consort to the Prince:

Dog, Gangrel Whip:

Cannonball, Noseferatu Primogen:

Dougie The Moose Nosferatu, Whip:

Alda Rhine, Tremere Regent/Sheriff:

Jodie Starkweather, Tremere Whip/Deputy:

Rachel Illoff, Keeper/Primogen Brujah:

Blair Beesley, Head Harpy/Whip Brujah:

Democritis De Leone - Reign in Blood 9/21/2013 Skullsline_zpsc08eb6ce
Soon we were asked to speak as equals, to say anything without reprisal, an odd situation indeed. I chose to not say anything, for I did heed the Whip's warning about the Seneschal, whom pranced around in a tutu and mumbled a few times, and even shouted down a strange one that also babbled nonsensical things. Perhaps he was also Malkavian. The time for our orations was at an end and now a dog wandered in and around the crowd that was in attendance. It was a mixture, a mutt, something akin to a pit-bull and a poodle. It was disheveled and foul smelling, which seemed to come from mange. The Seneschal chased at it and it snapped back, chasing him out of the vicinity, all the while, Baxter, laughed and giggled as if it were a game. Perhaps it was after all. The Prince bade us good luck and also instructed us to speak with the dog that had been running amok the whole time. I refused to bow down to such a lowly creature, said as much to anyone listening, and spun on my heel and exited the building with even strides and head held high...

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PostSubject: Re: Democritis De Leone - Reign in Blood 9/21/2013   Democritis De Leone - Reign in Blood 9/21/2013 EmptyWed Sep 25, 2013 5:20 pm


Part Two: The Gathering

Later that evening I found myself at private domicile that was full of other Kindred like myself. I recognize some of them from Baltimore, the others I found out soon after, were from Washington D.C., and just as lacking in information. Our Elders in their wisdom, had decided that the City of Annapolis deserved our undivided attention, for it presented a problem that could turn far worse than it already had. The Camarilla had retaken Washington D.C. not long ago and the sudden exodus of the Sabbat, fleeing and taking refuge in Annapolis, caused an imbalance and an equally poor reaction from the local Anarchs and Independents, whom up until now, had more or less been on much better terms with the Camarilla. Annapolis had shut its' borders in response to the sudden shift in regional power, and this did not sit well with our esteemed leadership and now a group of Kindred, from Both Baltimore and Washington, D.C. have congregated to solve the problem.  
The Dogma and Rhetoric was think in the air as the clans avoided being openly hostile to one another for the sake of undertaking this joint venture on behalf of our enlightened elders, whom sent what was supposed to be the best and brightest amongst the lower tiers of each individual clan that had a stake in the outcome. Unphased by the lack of direction and uncouth behaviors, I did my best to keep a modest outlook and treated each with respect that they were due, but careful not to bow too low as to loose sight of any eye watching. A few did stand out of course but still they disappointed my expectations prior to the gathering. The usual rag tag affair took place, socially retarded Kindred seemed to populate the Barrens that night. Perhaps the shift in power or a yet to be named threat had held them in such a state or maybe they were just scared and had trouble doing anything else but holding themselves up right.

Democritis De Leone - Reign in Blood 9/21/2013 Ventruebanner_zps36d12121

Later on things changed for the worse as the infiltration of our group became almost a joke. A parade of mixed up, dirty, and utterly distasteful characters plagued our evening with more inane nonsense, making all previous information useless and untenable. A fight did ensue after two perpetrators were caught doing unseen yet dangerous things to some of the weaker among us and breaching the masquerade. They were defeated but not without injury to a few that went after the pair. It was a dark and stormy night, scary undead creatures are roaming... a start of a horrible book in my opinion but that was the kind of evening we had to look forward to. Soon others stumbled upon our little paradise in the Barrens, giving more information and a few warnings about the goings on inside Annapolis.  
The whole evening was much the same, no real plans had been devised nor were any of the other clans willing to do much of anything except tout their own brand of bravado, which in the end did nothing at all to help further the goals of the Camarilla. I had wished one or two of the more sensible Kindred there would have approached me with a decent proposal or at least an idea that involved more than starting an open conflict, plunging us into a war we could not win. That certainly would not be seen as a good way to proceed. Perhaps soon the Clans could come to an agreement to stop the infighting and come to the table with something useful.
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Democritis De Leone - Reign in Blood 9/21/2013
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