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 General Game Rules

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I figured I'd write up the basic rules White-Wolf has already established, then put may take on said rules after each. Lastly, the added house rules for the game, which will be changed as per necessary.

The Basic Rules

These are the most important rules of MET, the only ones that absolutely must be obeyed. On one hand, there are a lot of people out there who either don't know or don't care that The Masquerade is just a game, and on the other hand, there are some people who take the game far too seriously. By following these rules, you provide yourself with ammunition against the former and protect yourself and your game against the latter. Both groups are equally dangerous to a solid Mind's Eye Theatre troupe, and these rules are designed to make certain that they're given as little opportunity as possible to interfere with your games.

#1 - No touching.
This means none whatsoever, even with consent. Things do have a way of getting out of hand. Better not to allow that opportunity. For that matter, running, jumping and swinging on chandeliers across hotel lobbies are also not allowed. Again, there's too much opportunity for someone to get hurt.

--- I do tend to be lenient when it comes to this rule, but what it states is absolutely correct. I’d like players to please respect each other’s personal space, bubbles and property on their person.

#2 - No weapons as props.
Props are a wonderful way to make a game real. However, real weapons or anything that even looks like a real weapon (and we're talking sword canes, peace-bonded claymores, rabid trained attack gerbils, matte-black painted water guns and sword-shaped toothpicks from a dry martini) are a definite no-no. It's too easy for someone to get hurt with them. Even if you're responsible with your shiny new dagger, some idiot will choose the moment you take it out to come pelting around the corner full-tilt and impale himself on it. Regardless if the weapon looks amazing with your costume, leave it home.

---I’m in complete agreement. If there is any question or a player would like permission to bring something, just bring it up with me.

#3 - No drugs or drinking.
This one is a real no-brainer. Drugs and alcohol are a way of distancing you from yourself Roleplaying gives you the chance to be someone else. Why go to all the trouble of creating another persona to inhabit if you're just going to wander out of that persona in a haze? On a more serious note, players who are impaired through drugs or alcohol represent a danger to other players and a threat to the flow and mood of the game. There's nothing wrong with playing a character who's drunk or stoned, but actually bringing drugs or alcohol into a game is going too far, not to mention the legal repercussions of the former.

---Before and after game is your time, I hear no evil – see no evil – speak no evil, but if there seems to be issues occurring at game and this topic is suspected, I will not hesitant to ask you to leave. Hopefully it will be resolved at that point.

#4 - Feel free to ignore or adjust any of the rules.
We at White Wolf call this "The Golden Rule." Obviously, it should be applied within limits, and rules changes should be consistent throughout a troupe. On the other hand, if your troupe finds a way to handle, say, Celerity, that works better for you than the one in this book does, by all means go for it.

---I’ve always lived by this as a storyteller. Never “Rule Lawyer” me. Things don’t happen as planned so much in Larp, and that’s why it’s so awesome and I love it. Narrators and I are wrong at times, it happens, but we learn and change things to move the game along, and usually more at our expense than anything else, old larpers know this.

#5 - It's only a game.
This is by far the most important rule. It is only a game. If a character dies, if a plot falls apart, if a rival wins the day—it's still only a game. Don't take things too seriously, as that will spoil not only your enjoyment but also the enjoyment of everyone around you. Plus, remember to leave the game behind when it ends. Informal Masquerade is a lot of fun; spending time talking about the game is great. On the other hand, getting annoyed with your chantry regent because she wasn't up to plotting for Saturday's game at 3:32 A.M. on Wednesday signifies a need for a change in perspective.

---Truth. I do my best for the game, if you haven’t noticed already, but my time frame isn’t as open as I’d love it to be, it’s the same with most of us. This game is to escape many stresses, and though I enjoy the “in game stresses” it brings, you can not the two intertwine.

#6 - Have fun.
Not "win." Not "Go out and kill everyone else." Just "Have fun," because in Masquerade it's not about how the game ends, it's about everything that happens to you along the way.


Added House Rules:

#7 – Recruiting
Definitely please feel free to talk about, invite or whatever to get people to come to other games that you are involved with, I mean that’s how some of you heard about this game…BUT, there is a time and place for it. Before and after game are the premium times to recruit, not during game out of character in any fashion. Briefly getting info, Friend requesting, a couple sentences to gain interest are all fine, but not a 20 minute out of character (OoC) conversation during game time, when your away from the playing area or not. I’d like players to play. I understand “We’re hunting” or “We’re in Incap or Torpor” or “I ran away with his body and I’m going to eat him like a boss.” , trust me I understand, but just be mindful of this rule.

#8 – Stay in character

Roleplay. Don’t put your arm up in the middle of a conversation and tell me this or that about you or your character, just play it out in character or wait til later. Sometimes going OoC is understandable, but lets keep it to a minimum.
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General Game Rules
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