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PostSubject: Awakening    Awakening  EmptyThu Sep 19, 2013 12:49 pm

“..eed to calm down. That’s it, just feed. You’ll be ok”

Your eyes open, finally joining your ears and other sensory structures.

“Hey Wedge, you and Biggs keep looking through this rumble. There has to be more out here if we found one. Can’t have them waking and ripping up the neighbor, just finished covering shit up.”
The man pulls his arm away from you, leaving you unsupported and the weight on your feet sends you crashing to the ground. The shock of “awakening” definitely left you unbalanced, so much so that even the thought of drinking what must be blood from this large man’s arm has effected you, least that anyone could tell.

“Damn shovel heads…” The man smirks as he turns to you.

“Actually, you seem pretty ok. Probably not a shovel head I guess, or you’d still be ripping up the place. You’re a fledgling though, that’s for sure. Got to be a leftover from the Cams using “Un-Camarilla” tactics.” The man seemingly chuckles at the thought he just spoke.

“Smartest thing I’ve seen them do in decades.” He extends his hand towards you, the blood having mysteriously vanished from his arms. Grasping and pulling you to your feet.

“Biggs and Wedge got this here. I’ll sort ya out.”

Slowly you balance under your own power, gently brushing rumble and dust off your clothes and body. The man starts walking away and you are immediately drawn to follow, leaving the slightly canopied area of the ruined building and onto the street.

“Name’s Lazarus, and no, I’m not like you.”

Your eyes barely wandering from his back, not because he is easily a foot taller then you, but that in your current state you feel compelled to listen, follow, and be quiet; Like a rain soaked dog following a stranger home for a that faint glimmer of possible shelter from the cruel outside world.

“No worries, kid, I’m returning you to your owners. They made you, so you’re their responsibility, or so their rules tend to say. The Cams will explain everything you’ll need to know. Crazy Cams …” His voice trails off into a soft mumble.

When we apparently reached our destination, Lazarus turns and smiles, “Through those doors up the steps, kid. Tell them I sent you, and you’re in.”

You open the door and close in gently behind you, still very out of it since the beginning. Two secret agent appearing men were standing across the door less room, seeming guarding the only hallway that lend off.

“Can we help you, sir?”

Eyes barely open, you simply replied, “Lazarus sent me.”

Blurs of motions followed. One man in front pulls a blade to your throat from across the room. Your eyes barely catch the sight of two doors opening, one on each side, bearing two more guards with drawn firearms.

The second original guard radios through his ear piece, “You hear that? Lazarus.”

A few minutes later, a gentleman comes down the hall.

“Bring him.”

As we are walking, he speaks, “Do you honestly know anything?” Cold and stern his voice was, but the bluntness seemed more honestly and caring then you’ve received all day.”

You simply reply, “No, I know nothing. I’m sorry.”

The man keeps looking forward and speaks, “Then we shall talk…”
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