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 ian's House

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PostSubject: ian's House   ian's House EmptyMon Sep 16, 2013 8:00 pm

Address: 3329 Sudlersville South, Laurel MD 20724

-All trash and cigarette butts are to be put in proper receptacles.
-Close any restroom door after use.
-Please be mindful of smoking near the house, especially near neighbor's fence cause he is on oxygen.
-If outside near Ava's room (Ian and Theresa's daughter), please keep noise down.
-When inside, please keep noise at a minimum
-No messing with construction materials
-Woods have poison ivy and sumac in them. Enter at own risk
-(When built) Be cautious around and near fire pit
-Both bathrooms are available for use, though please reserve the upstairs bathroom for emergency use after 8pm.

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PostSubject: Re: ian's House   ian's House EmptyMon Sep 30, 2013 12:06 pm

Ian's Place visage:
-1 above ground level floor
-White siding
-Red front door
-Thigh-high fenced front porch with no over head cover
-White backyard fence
-Open carport on left side

Playable areas:
-Yard areas (Back, Side, Front, Carport)
-Inside (Downstairs - Rec Room, Den. Upstairs - Living Room(Low noise volume though))
-Beyond back fenced area, use caution though (holes, plants, etc)

-Parking can be tough along the Sudlersville South, but the intersecting road before reaching Ian's (Cokeland South) seems to have more accessible parking options.
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ian's House
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