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Democritis De Leone was not always part of the influential and powerful elite culture of the American Jet-Set, he was in fact a person of humble beginnings whom fate smiled upon. He gained notice from a wealthy benefactor whom offered him a better education and a chance for a better life. He then became enrolled at the prestigious preparatory school named Chichester Barronette. The worlds most influential, wealthy, and powerful sent their own begotten offspring here to enhance and improve them, thus granting them access to others like themselves. Democritis hid his past from his peers and seemed to flawlessly fit into the student population with ease.

He had not seen his benefactor after he had started his education, but soon learned that individual was sent on another's behalf, a glamorous and elegant woman of the name Miriabelle Regalis. Most called her Lady Bell though, and he grew fond of her, almost as a son would view his own mother. Later in life he returned to the school for employment. He became part of the security detail that protected the grounds and also earned praise for his ability to gain the trust of the students that passed the halls over the years. Years later, Democritis also earned a reward from his employer, whom it turned out was not a mere mortal after all. She embraced him and he was loyal. Lady Bell made way for his entrance into his current position, a fledgling Kindred.

A few words of wisdom and warnings from his Sire, Miriabelle Regalis:

Democritis De Leone LadyBell_zpsa4dd6acb

Miriabelle Regalis (Grand Matron of the Chichester Barronette)

"Listen sweet childe....

And learn what you must soon face......

The streets the Vampire walks are the same streets the living walk. It is the Vampire that is the difference. It is the Vampire of whom you must be wary. Vampire society is built upon the principle of power. Those who exert it the most forcefully can claim Domain over a city, and by controlling the cities, they can restrict the other Vampires who live there. Though a Vampire may claim Domain over a city, never can one become Prince if one's claim is challenged. Once challenged, only blood will settle the dispute. Thus only the powerful seek Domain.

However, such power is of little meaning to the wisest Kindred. The desire for it is a human instinct, and over time, the desire and respect for power should disappear. While there are certain rights that go with it, only those who have not left behind their human needs require it. No Vampires may Sire without the permission of their Prince, and until Neonates are presented to the Prince, their sins are the Sire's responsibility. When wrong is done, only the Prince may call a Blood Hunt. Finally, those who enter the Domain must present themselves to the Prince, though we of the Inconnu, of course, do not ever submit ourselves to them. These Princes may be Elders, but they are not our equals.

The largest Sect among the Kindred is the Camarilla, and it is to them you must go. Thy live within mortal society, as well as prey upon it. They still struggle to preserve the Masquerade, to keep the mortals from learning of us. The Camarilla is the foundation of the peace that exists between most of our kind, and supports the Prince who rules each city, for they are the only ones with the power to support the ancient Traditions.

The Sabbat are the great enemies of the Camarilla. This group of psychotic diabolists lives outside human society, but freely preys upon it. They play a most potent role in the Jyhad, though they are not under the complete control of the Ancients. All who venture to their cities do so at their own risk. The Sabbat inducts their neonates by burying them alive. Only a few ever manage to crawl to the surface; the rest must wait within the ground for all eternity-screaming soundlessly in their forgotten graves. In North America, the Sabbat controls New York, Miami, Toronto, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Portland, and Philadelphia, as well as a number of smaller cities.

And finally there is the Inconnu, the most obscure of sects. We are the Eldest of Elders, other than Antediluvians, and have distanced ourselves from the other Kindred. We are ancient, powerful and have littl need for the company of either humans or Kindred.

Though you must be wary of witch-hunters, it is Vampires you should fear most. The Blood of some Elders has thinned and they can no longer survive on mortal Vitae, but must instead feed upon other Vampires. Most of us create Broods so that we can feed from them, as we can not be Blood Bound by our own Progeny...

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Democritis De Leone
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