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 Ghoul and Human Character Creation

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Ghoul and Human Character Creation Empty
PostSubject: Ghoul and Human Character Creation   Ghoul and Human Character Creation EmptyTue Aug 20, 2013 3:43 pm

Similar to the Character Creation Process in the 2nd Edition Laws of the Hunt with a few additions.

Step One: Inspiration - Who are you?
-Choose a Name
-Choose A Nature and Demeanor
-Choose your Motivation
-Choose your Association (If Any)

Step Two: Attributes - What are your basic capabilities?
-Prioritize Attributes (6 primary, 4 secondary and 3 tertiary)
-Choose your traits
-Record 1 starting Willpower Trait

Step Three: Advantages - What do you know?
-Assign Abilities from Association (If Any)
-Choose 3 Abilities (Can not start with Abilities Level above three per each ability)
-Choose 1 Specialty (One from a chosen abilities you previously taken)
-Choose 1 Influences (Can not start with Influence above 3 levels per each Influence)

Step Four: Inner Workings - What makes you tick and/or grinds your gears?
-Choose up to 7 points in Flaws (Optional. Flaws give their point value in Freebie points)
-Choose up to 5 Negative Traits (Optional. Negative Traits are one for one with Freebie points)

Step Five - Purchasing - Spending your points
-Spend Free Points - 5 or 7 for Independents
-Merits - Cost - Varies per Merit point level (Ghouls must pick the 3 point Merit: Ghouled)
-Traits - Cost - One for one
-Abilities - Cost - One per one Freebie point
-Influences - Cost - One for one Freebie point
-Willpower - Cost - Three per additional
-If Ghoul - Disciplines cost 3 Freebie points per level. Limited per Regnant's Generation and Clan/Bloodline.

Step Six: Last Touches - Fill in the details.
-Record Blood Pool (If Any. Based on Regnant's Generation)
-Record Humanity Traits
-Calculate Defense - Add Physical and Mental traits then divide by five.
-Calculate Initiative - Add Mental and Social Traits then divide by three.
-Calculate Movement - Add Physical and Social Traits then divide by two.

Step Seven: Spark of Life - Storyteller/Narrator Approval

Ghoul Chart:

Regnant's Gen:                    
13th - Vitae Max: 1    Discipline Cap: 1st Basic  Vitae per Round: 1   Trait Max:  9   Must feed within: 1 month
12th - Vitae Max: 1   Discipline Cap: 1st Basic   Vitae per Round: 1   Trait Max: 9    Must feed within:      "
11th - Vitae Max: 1   Discipline Cap: 1st Basic   Vitae per Round: 1   Trait Max: 9    Must feed within:      "
10th - Vitae Max: 2   Discipline Cap: 2nd Basic  Vitae per Round: 1   Trait Max: 9     Must feed within:      "
9th   - Vitae Max: 2   Discipline Cap: 2nd Basic  Vitae per Round: 1   Trait Max: 9    Must feed within:      "
8th   - Vitae Max: 3   Discipline Cap: 2nd Basic  Vitae per Round: 1   Trait Max: 9     Must feed within:     "
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Ghoul and Human Character Creation
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