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 Natures and Demeanors

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Architect — You hope to leave a lasting legacy, to build something for the future.
Autocrat —You want to take charge, since nobody else can do the job right.
Bon Vivant — Only a good time can assuage your otherwise empty existence.
Bravo — Other people only get in your way of doing things, and you do
not hesitate to bully them into line.
Capitalist — You are the ultimate mercenary, with a keen understanding of
how to manipulate others.
Caregiver — You protect and comfort others.
Celebrant — You find that joy springs from your overriding passion.
Chameleon — You can blend into any situation, able to pass yourself off as
anything. You have no true loyalties.
Child — You need others to nurture and help you.
Competitor — Everything is a contest, and you plan to win.
Conformist — You take the lead and the cues from someone else, letting
others handle the responsibility.
Conniver — There’s no point to doing it yourself when you can get
someone else to put in the effort.
Creep Show — You strive to shock and disgust, to intimidate and control
Curmudgeon —Nothing’s perfect, everything sucks and you’re going to
make sure that everybody knows it.
Dabbler — The world is full of new things to learn, and you want to sample all of them.
Daredevil - You love taking risks and will seize any opportunity to do so.
Dark Pioneer - You can’t change the traditions of the past, but you’ll do everything you can to create the traditions of the future.
Dark Poet - You want to share the beauty of darkness with the rest of the world.
Deviant — Normal? What’s that? You have no use for social norms and mores.
Director — You feel an overriding need to impose order.
Drunk Uncle -When things are going well, you’re everyone’s best friend. When things are going poorly, you’re their worst nightmare.
Enigma —Your actions are bizarre, uncontrolled; your erratic behavior is
considered insanity by those you meet.
Eye of the Storm — Despite your calm outward appearance, you surround
yourself with chaos and death.
Fanatic — One cause, one truth, one purpose — you serve and proselytize
with absolute conviction.
Gallant — Everything you do is geared toward flamboyance and excess,
since you need the attentions of those around you.
Guru — You seek enlightenment and cling to your idealism, trying to
convert others.
Hedonist - Life is meaningless, so enjoy it as long as it lasts.
Idealist — You are utterly committed to some purpose greater than your own wants and needs.
Interrogator-It‘s not the answers that matter; it’s the pleasure you get asking the questions.
Jester - Always the clown, you can’t take life, or death, seriously.
Judge — You have a deep sense of right and wrong, and you seek justice
measured by your principles.
Loner —You just don’t belong, either by choice or by nature.
Martyr —Everyone benefits when you shoulder the burdens of your ideals.
Masochist — You test yourself through suffering, and find meaning in
enduring pain.
Monster — Build your purpose from a malignant drive to showcase evil
through your actions.
Pedagogue — Everyone can learn from your example and experiences;
you were born to teach others.
Penitent — You have sinned, and you cannot rest until you atone for it.
Perfectionist — You do everything with wholehearted zeal aimed at immaculate
completion. There’s no excuse for flawed efforts.
Rebel — Whether from habit or drive, you lash out at the system and try
to break it down.
Recruiter - It makes sense to build your side up before trying to tear theirs down.
Rogue — First and foremost, you look out for number one.
Sadist — You exist to inflict pain and suffering. Killing is too easy — they
have to know pain.
Scientist — Diligent, rational examination can reveal all the secrets of the universe
Shamanist - You see your killer’s role as part of the supernatural order.
Sociopath — All inferior beings should be eradicated. You have no remorse
or compassion. You are a machine.
Soldier — You’ve been given your orders, and you take pride in accomplishing them well.
Sorority Sister - You do whatever the in-crowd does, and do it better.
Stalker - The chase is all; the capture and feeding almost anticlimactic.
Survivor — Nothing stops you, for your drive to pull through is indomitable.
Thrill-Seeker — You’re always after the next high, by pushing danger to the edge.
Torturer - Pain isn’t a profession for you, it’s a calling.
Traditionalist — The old ways are the best ways, so you preserve and
protect them.
Trickster — Existence is absurd, so you fill it with humor and irreverence
to avoid looking too deeply at the pain.
Visionary — A goal fills your mind, and your dreams bring faith to others.
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Natures and Demeanors
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