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 A New Lick

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A New Lick

“Who are they?”
“Are these the Sabbat that Roman and Cas spoke of?”

The corner of the building sways and as its rounding, but the gallop of echoed paced steps is information enough that when Sam tripped, it didn’t give enough time to shake them off the trail.  

“Was hoping that her failing would’ve been enough… actually like her though, …hate being a Lush right now. I swear God, there will be changes, just need to live.”

It’s been sometime since air was forced into the narrows of your lungs, but it can’t recalled ever needing to breath harder than now. The pace of the echoed steps has slowed, but by the clap of the moisture underneath their feet, they’ve spread out, …they’re searching and they’re to close. Two dumpsters seem to be the only choice for the glimmer of salvation.  Wedged between the two, back against the wall of convenient store, the dumpsters are slowly moved back together and the opening between them is closed. Suddenly a loud thud comes from the top of the dumpsters, but gazing upward slowly sheds no light as to how the noise was made.

“There’s nothing there, ..what the …”
“Do they know I’m here and throw something? I don’t know, but here they come, they know now. Damnit…”
“I wish I could hide like Sam, maybe she escaped…”

-“Help me move this!”

“Ok, there seems to be only four, …. So screwed, sooo screwed.”

The dumpster parted, just enough for one to get through.
The man looked like…a ghostbuster? Shotgun wielding, religious ..ghostbuster? The surprise of finally getting a solid look at the people at ashed to friends is almost anticlimactic, but he is to close…way to close.
And yet, he doesn’t seem to see anything, though he is no more the two feet away.

“Maybe they’re blind? Those goggles look pretty stupid anyways.”

-“Move. Let me see.” A cajoling voice from behind them spoke.

They move. A woman steps forward, midnight black hair just cut below her chin with circle tainted glasses. She wears similar attire as the others, but also not. Somehow the mind won’t allow you to look away nor concentrate, though even through such enthrallment, the realization that this is the end, Final Death, freezes inside all thoughts.

-“Don’t move if you want to live.” A small whisper from behind you, almost as if the convenient store wall spoke it.

A darkened shallow glazes over your vision and body, unnoticed by the approaching beauty.
She leans down, so close that  noses almost touch. Terror freezes your eyes to hers, you see her look through her glasses, the sound of beeping as words appear and scroll up the left lens. The illumination from the street light behind her is the only way you’d have noticed…but on the right side catches your eyes more. Her right eye, her pupils swirl, like a picture of galaxies in space….

“What the hell is this? What is she doing? What is she?”

She stands, turns and starts walking out. Speaking to the three others.

-“We’ve lost him, but you did great. Three are dead and no causalities. Thanks for your timely response and skills, I release you.

All three put their hands to their heads, like wiping a fog from their mind.

--“It’s been a honor to aid, Sir.” They speak, handing over the goggles and effects to the woman before walking back the way they came.
She looks around one more time, scanning, then she departs in the opposite direction.

--“Alright, Lick, you can get up now.” A thick stereotyped Mexican accent comes from above.

A stout man is sitting on one of the dumpsters smiling, just by his voice, he looks exactly how I would picture him to look.

--“No time for talk, I already know. We’ll just say that if not for me and my tricks, she would’ve killed you good, hahahaha. Be careful around the bases. You had bad luck when your group crossed her path. The Fair Hunter is no one to take for granted. No worries though, Lick, I will help you on your journey, for you have no friends left now.”

He starts walking. The ass seemed to already answer any questions and willing to give aid, no choice then. Time to follow.
We silently walk along the roads briefly until we come across what looks a complex or a mall with a casino attached. An ironic sight it would seem, but we keep on walking. We enter into the casino, and head down some alternate route then the main area, oddly the directions confused me, but he seem to know where he was going.

-“Name’s Dinero. We are running an errand for me while I’m in this area. You’ll be making a choice, north or south, soon enough, and that’ll be where we part ways for a time. Clan Giovanni owns this casino, run by “The Witch Man” Pusha El Giovanni, and no you won’t be meeting him.”

“Again answering all my questions, it’s becoming annoying.”

Waiting outside a large ornate double door, all that can be heard are the random bouts of laughter and muffle talk until Dinero comes back out.

“Let’s go, we talk on the way.”

We leave, and start walking towards the west.

-“Joining the Camarilla is fine, probably the best start for a Lick like you, far more support in the beginning then other choices, hahaha. You’ll be going north to Baltimore, ruled by the Doll Princess, nutty Toreador/Malkavian half breed you ask me, but it is a powerful city which a lot of resources and fear to get you started. To the south, Washington DC, just retaken by the Camarilla from Sabbat months ago.  Lots of opportunities there, but not much time or support from your “betters”, hahaha. No worries though, it’s not either city you’ll be at for long, trust me, both cities are led by greed, lust for power, and a sparkle of vengeance, hahaha. East is Annapolis, Anarch control…maybe. It’ll be your goal, or their goal giving to you, but you’ll figure that out, Lick, you’ll figure out far more then I’l ever be willing to tell you.”
We walk up to a cab apparently waiting for us at the exit to route 295.

“And here we are. Hope you’ve had time to think. Just tell the cabby which city, and he’ll know the address. Just ask for acknowledgement of the city and let the pieces fall into place. Cab paid for and then some. Take care.”

Entering the cab.

“-Where to?
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A New Lick
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